Competitive mechanical engineering expertise with 50 years of experience

Aurea Steel Oy Ab

Aurea Steel Oy Ab will continue the renowned mechanical engineering business in Kankaanpää. Our expertise focuses on parts manufacturing, plate and welding work, heat treatment, surface treatment, machining and assembly.

Established Aurea Steel is a Finnish mechanical engineering company whose main owner is PKP Machining Ltd (PKP).  Aurea Steel and PKP together form a competitive engineering workshop entity, the Aurea Group, which provides its industrial customers with a comprehensive service. We focus on heavy and medium-heavy welding and machining engineering and assembly manufacturing.

Our customers typically represent the marine and offshore, energy, mining, paper and pulp, transportation and defence sectors. Many of our customers operate in the Nordic countries and more widely in the international market. We focus on quality, delivery accuracy, and develop our processes and our competitiveness together with our customers.

Our customers represent the following industries




Forest, Pulp and Paper


Transport & Defence