Aurea Steel Oy Ab

The expertise brought by long experience of machining large and demanding products with our numerical machine tools are the cornerstones of our performance. We are also familiar with tooling of different metallic materials and we machine pieces up to 120 tons.

The efficient boring and milling machines and horizontal lathes are our key machine tools. The deep-hole boring devices of the boring machines reach a hole depth of 3–5 meters. Our boring and milling machines are CNC controlled and have dimensions up to 14 m x 6 m. The CNC controlled horizontal lathes are equipped with rotating tools and grinding unit and is able to perform turning of products having diameter up to 8,2 meter.

In January 2020 we have successfully completed installation of Burkhardt+Weber horizontal machining centre in Kankaanpää. There are only two machines worldwide having the same kind of features. This fully automatic machining centre is especially suitable for serial manufacturing and demanding parts requiring high level of precision. The machine tool is equipped with an additional tool magazine for Wohlhaupter boring tools exceeding diameter of one meter. Due to the rotating table, the machining is performed typically in one setup. Typical products manufactured with this machine tool are gear box cases, machine frames and various kind of machine parts.

Machinery & equipment

Machining Centre
Burkhardt+Weber MC120

  • Sinumerik 840 D –control
  • Max. movements x=2000, y=2000, z=1800
  • 2-pallets, palletsize 1000*1250
  • Max. load 5,7 t

Boring and milling machine
Fermat WRF150

  • Floortype CNC- boring machine
  • Heidenhain TNC530 -control
  • Spindle Ø150 mm
  • X-axis 14750, y-axis 6000, z=1200,w= 1000, v=5500
  • Rotary table (3000*3000) Max. rotating table load 50 t and solid machining plain

Boring and milling machine
Skoda W200

  • Heidenhain TNC426 -control
  • Spindle Ø200 mm
  • X-axis 14500, y-axis 4000, z+w-axis 2100
  • Max. rotating table load 40 t and solid machining plain

Boring and milling machine
Fermat WRT-13

  • Tabletype CNC-boring machine
  • Heidenhain TNC530 -control
  • Spindle Ø130 mm
  • X-axis 5000, y-axis 2500, z-axis 2500, w=730
  • Rotary table (1800*2200),max. rotating table load 15 t

Boring and milling machine
Tos WHN 13 C

  • Heidenhain TNC430 -control
  • Spindle Ø120 mm
  • X-axis 3500, y-axis 2000, z-axis 1250
  • Max. rotating table load 12 t

Horizontal lathe
BOST VTL 68 CY, year 2017

  • Sinumerik 840 D –control
  • Table diameter 5000 mm
  • Y-axis 5400mm
  • Max. turning diameter 8200 mm
  • Max. turning height 5400 mm
  • Rotating tools and grinding unit
  • Separate measuringhead
  • Max. load 120 t
  • Possibility for 5-axis machining

Horizontal lathe
Blansko SK 40 A 

  • Sinumerik 840 D –control
  • Max. turning diameter 4300 mm
  • Max. turning height 2550 mm
  • Rotating tools and grinding unit
  • Max. load 60 t

Horizontal lathe
Dörriers- Scharmann VCE 2000/160 FC

  • Sinumerik 840 D –control
  • Max. turning diameter 1600 mm
  • Max. turning height 2000 mm
  • Rotating tools, grinding unit and pallet changingstation
  • Max. load 10 t, using pallet changingstation 4t

Longitudinal milling machine
Soraluce FR 5000

  • Floortype, Heidenhain 426 –control
  • Automatic angular head, 1 x 1 degrees
  • Max. movements  x=5000, y=1500, z=2000
  • Rotary table 1600*1400, max load 15t, v=1000

Longitudinal milling machine
Zayer KF 4000

  • Tabletype, Heidenhain 355 –control
  • Max. movements x=3700, y=1250, z=1500
  • Table 4000*1000, max load 10t

CNC- milling machine

  • 3-axis, x=760, y=380, z=450/150

Geminis CNC-4-Plus

  • Max. diameter 720/470 x 3 000
  • Max. weight 2 600 kg


  • Max. turning diameter 840 mm
  • Max. turning lenght 3500 mm

Radial drilling machines

Manual milling machine

Flat-surface grinding machine

Keyway drawing machine

Automated metal saw