Plate works and welding

Aurea Steel Oy Ab

We are known as the manufacturer of demanding welded structures and components. Welding and coating of different metallic materials are familiar to us.

There is over 11 000 m2 of warm and well illuminated area to be used for plate and welding work in our factory building, with lifting height 15 m at its best. Depending on the workpiece, we can manufacture and handle products up to 100 t weight. Well qualified welders and submerged arc welding stations are the key resources of our welding production. They, together with high-capacity welding positioners guarantee the best quality and productivity.


Submerged arc welding stations,
2 pcs 5 x 8,5

  • Max. welding current 2000 A
  • Dimensions 5 m x 8,5 m
  • Max. positioner load 35 t
  • Max. workpiece size Ø7 m

Submerged arc welding stations,
5 x 5

  • Max. welding current 1250 A
  • Dimensions 5 m x 5 m
  • Max. positioner load 16 t, 2 pcs

Submerged arc welding stations,
2,5 x 2,5

  • Max. welding current 1200 A
  • Dimensions 2,5 m x 2,5 m
  • Max. positioner load 7 t

Powder arc welding towers 6 pcs

Powder arc welding machines 2 pcs

Welding machines MIG/MAG/TIG

Welding conveyors

Welding positioners, several 1 t … 35 t

Welding rollers, several 5 t … 200 t